What is it?

Level Up is a series of workshops and events hosted by London Metropolitan University, for students interested in starting a business.

You don’t need to have a business idea to take part – you just need to have an interest.

Upcoming sessions


How to Come up with a Great Business Idea

Successful businesses need two things – a quality idea, and great execution. But what is a quality idea and where do they come from?

Ideation and opportunity spotting aren’t magic, but a science that can be learned. At these two practical sessions, Natasha Triay (Student Enterprise Manager), Ozzy Amir and Marc Simpson (New London Agency) will give you the tools and knowledge to unearth a killer idea for your own business.

4 March & 5 March
1.15-2PM GMT (London time)


Meet the Change Makers

Interested in creating positive change in your community or addressing some of society’s most pressing issues?

This session will focus on socially impactful businesses who have achieved just this. You’ll have the opportunity to hear from a select group of successful and innovative social entrepreneurs who will share their journey, the secret to their successes and how they overcame challenges, as well as answering your burning questions on how to run an ethically minded business.

16 March
1.15-2PM GMT (London time)


Startup Founder AMA

Want to find out what the realities are of launching and growing your own business?  Join us at this session where you can ask a startup Founder exactly that.

This session will be a Ask Me Anything session where we will hear from some of the real real-world startup Founders based at Accelerator, London Met’s very own business incubator. The startup Founders will be sharing their own journeys, including the ups, downs, wins and fails to give you a peek behind the often glamourised entrepreneurship curtain. Got a question about starting out, growing a team, finding investors or anything else that you really want answered? Sign up and find out!

25 March
1.15-2PM GMT (London time)


Build a website with No Code

Ever wanted to build your own website but haven’t got the coding skills to make it happen? Well welcome to the digital world of No Code.

No code development platforms allow you to build websites and apps without needing any knowledge of coding. This has become a popular alternative for non-tech business owners looking to build their own website without having to spend lots of time and/or money.

At this session we’ll give you an introduction to some of the most popular platforms and get you ready to begin building your own No Code website.

22 April
1.15-2PM GMT (London time)